Colombianitos promotes education through the use of football, music classes, computer labs, professional training and other activities; Their “Goals for a Better Life” is a community based program that currently brings hope to approximately 4300 at-risk children (victims of forced relocations, sexual exploitation, and violence).  Football is used to teach children self-control, decision-making, values and ethics and to give them ambition and direction.

Colombianitos integrates education with structured, community-driven programs focused on sports, cultural arts and recreational activities. This unique yet simplistic combination has inspired thousands of Colombia’s children to leave behind their dangerous environments, attend school, meet academic requirements…and Play, all while learning life-long values and positive social behavior such as respect, honesty, friendship, tolerance and fair play.

Colombianitos also provides school scholarships and supplies as well as psychological support, counseling and formative educational workshops for the entire family as well as prostheses and rehabilitation for children mutilated by land mines.

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