With three soccer and leadership academies in Mexico, Gonzo Soccer uses soccer as a vehicle to enlighten girls ages 8-16 to know their potential and then inspire and empower them to reach it. Gonzo Soccer provides elite training to develop maximum fitness and soccer skills with high quality coaches while targeting three areas of development: health, academics and personal growth.

The girls receive an hour of tutoring or help with their homework before or after soccer training focusing on areas of academic weakness. In Mexico and Latin America they also provide intensive English classes through a partnership with the US Embassy. In addition, Gonzo Soccer connects girls with scholarships to attend private schools and participate in top soccer clubs with hopes of earning college academic or athletic scholarships.

Gonzo Soccer also achieves significant and sustainable impact by targeting the development of life skills to prevent the common temptations and pitfalls of girls from underserved communities. Topics include nutrition, dangers of drugs and alcohol use, bullying/violence in school and conflict resolution.

The leadership academies also focus on teamwork, self-esteem, and self-advocacy through goal setting and other sports psychology related topics. Gonzo Soccer was founded by Monica Gonzalez and Alyse LaHue.

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